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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  July 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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rough earlier today and that has pushed off the coast however there is a ban of lingering showers crossing the garden state parkway through mays landing and fortescue that is all generally pushing to the east and they did get a pretty heavy amount of rain in a short period of time, in cape may a half inch of rain and more than an inch in atlantic city and half inch in parts of kent county delaware and that did cause localized flooding donna is saying her kids have us making lemonade out of lemons. >> it looks like fun, have you to be careful of this, and that water could be dirty and the currents could be stronger than anticipated. it's a good idea to avoid the flood waters. areas seeing the most sunshine in the low high sally 80 degrees, where we are seeing the clouds and showers, temperatures
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only around 70 and upper 60s in philadelphia, mostly cloudy with a temperature of 75 degrees, this old day weekend, friday and sunday is looking nice with a mixture of sun and clouds on the warm side, saturday we are looking at more clouds with the possibility of showers, we'll time that out for you in the full accuweather forecast. timing it out in a few moments. >> thank you cecily, lots of folks are kicking off this long holiday weekend a little early if you are driving this afternoon you'll have plenty of company, mobile 6 is bound for the shore right now right now we are in old city on 5th street making our way to the ben franklin bridge they are soon to be on the bridge and of course the atlantic city expressway with the rush of the crowds coming up. this weekend they are expected
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the rush of travelers since 2007 largely because of low gas prices they predict that hundreds of thousands of travelers will be on the road. >> july 4th is the busiest of the holiday summer travellers. >> and it's not just here the traffic jams will by nationwide with 42 million americans taking their holiday celebrations out on the roads this year. matt pellman will have more on traffic in a few minutes. as you head out visit you can see live radar including storm tracker 6 of get the up to the minute forecast. a 6-year-old boy is in the hop after falling out of a second story window if north philadelphia chopper 6 hd was on the west block of huntington
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street. that is where the child fell at just after 6:30, he was ksh at the time and is expected to be okay. police say he was with a babysitter when he fell but they don't plan to file charges. police in camden are investigating two shootings that happened two blocks apart. one left a woman injuredp one targeted a police officer. vernon odom is live in camden where police are looking into both cased this afternoon. >> reporter: a bona fide criminal is on the lam, last night he attempted to kill a camden police officer and he remains on the lam tonight and the heat is really on him. at 11:30 last night someone opened fire on a plain clothes police officer, someone on detail trying to stop crime in the park side section. the officer spotted suspicious
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activity on haddon and a suspect that remains at large opened fire. >> he was hit by a bullet fragment that hit the car out of six rounds, two of them hit the car itself and blew out the back window, two hours later gun fire erupts on the south side of 2th two people were wounded. and a woman driving the car remains in critical but stable condition, her boyfriend is being held because he is one of the gunman he was taken into custody at the scene, the other gunman sustained multiple wounds and fled winding up at a cherry hill hospital before police took him to cooper in camden. all three are from camden and well known by police. >> there was a confrontation in the intersection and subsequently shots were fired after that. >> she was the driver of one of the cars? >> that is correct.
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>> brian no formal charges are filed again the initial pair but the officer that was targeted last night was treated for minor injuries and released. police have leads on his asail an but they would appreciate more help from the public. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. there was a massive emergency response this morning at the navy yard in washington d.c. after a report of gun fire there. police now say that report turned out to be false agents swarmed the complex, and locked down that base within minutes of that report that is standard protocol, after a gunman killed 12 people there back in 2013. after hours of searching today they turned up nothing. at this time there is no evidence of gunshots there is no evidence of a shooter, and there is no evidence of any victims today. >> investigators stress that
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this was not a hoax and in fact they credit the woman that called police for following their often issued advice if you suspect something then say something. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf has rejected a government plan to privatize the state controlled liquor store he says that selling it would not be a good business decision and lead to higher prices wolf vetoed the entire republican budget bill and a plan that laid out a new formula to distribute state aid to school districts. anyone around philadelphia knows that celebrating philadelphia's birth place is a week long event. as we inch closer to the 4th of july, wawa welcome america festivityies were in full swing today and kicked off with a delicious tradition. >> happy hoagie day.
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the task assemblying 5 tons of hoagies and they were jamming in the basement of the contusion center before the sun came up. they made them with 4 tons of ingredients and a lot of love. and some hungry hopefuls had been waiting online for them to dig in but they didn't seem to mind. >> it's free too, you don't have to break the bank. >> proof there is such a thing as a free lunch and a fun one with new friends. >> it's fun because the community comes together, the a family tradition we do together me and my nieces do together, 5,000 to veterans and another 5,000 to homeless centers and philabundance. this is really a lot of excitement and passion, this is
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our philadelphia is our home town and the associationes love it. and they invited people to the constitution center, arts and crafts and also at the constitution center go forth and learn about history with special readings and free book give-aways and educational fun and get this 800 kids went home with a free bok. >> 6 abc is proud to be the official broadcast part under of wawa welcome america and that means special coverage on saturday join matt and tam for the celebration of freedom parade and then at night the party on the parkway, cecily rick and karen will host the 4th of july jam featuring the roots and jennifer nettles and miguel and expect surprise guests that starts at 7:00 p.m., the best
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seat in the house right there in your living room. >> no question it's a fun show. >> yes. >> it will be hairy out there traffic wise today we'll go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. kind of weed through the holiday traffic. >> surprises for those headed out on the roadways this friday afternoon, oh wait it's not friday but it looks like one. lots of shore traffic, people getting out of dodge and this is the walt whitman bridge, and if we didn't want to see this it's this afternoon on the jersey bound side taking out the right lane coming out of south philadelphia in gloucester city, a squeeze coming over the walt whitman bridge and spilling back to 95 and your much better bet is what mobile 6 is doing heading for the ben franklin bridge.
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off the whitman, this is what 42 looks like moderate traffic down the a.c. expressway bunching up from time to time along the 55 and the a.c. expressway solid from mays landing into the garden state parkway, the construction on the ramp to the parkway is giving us problems all summer on days like this. and a crash on landsdale to the northeast extension slowing there as well. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report the delaware beaches rehoboth looking for traffic all the way back to bear. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead whole foods admits to overcharging customers we'll tell you what the company will do about that. plus new details about the victims of a fiery wreck what we know about the people killed in this crash on the schuylkill. >> and she was abandoned as a
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baby and left at a hospital, one local woman is industrying to track down her birth mother here her emotional journey next. and a weekend holiday edition down the shore monica malpass and adam joseph live in ventnor. >> look behind us this is the 4th of july and there is hardly anyone on the beach. >> that won't last long. >> no it won't the rain has moved off the coast for the most part and an improving forecast i smell barbecue. they are getting ready for the 4th of july. all the details are coming up. when "action news" comes right back.
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>> today we learned the names of the people that do ied in a fiery accident on the schuylkill expressway the black kia optima hit a median be burst into flames, 27-year-old ronald stanley, the driver was killed as were to seat passengers. 25-year-old demetrius fung survived he was in the backseat. she was abandoned as a baby unleft outside of a hospital and now that she grown she is trying to track down her birth mother and is going to the internet to do it. erin erin erin erin o'hearn has the story of a woman looking for her past. >> she hoped that the long arms of official media would help her find her birth mother, she knew
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she was adopted from an earl your age but the circumstances were a bit more complicated. >> it's not just my story it's her too. heather cane only knows part of that story one her adopted mother told her when she was just 15. >> she told me and she was crying there was a little girl left outside of a hospital and that was you. the hospital was grand view, and they got an anonymous phone call that an infant was left outside in this red sweatshirt, she was hypothermic, but her mother was hesitant to share the story with her but her reaction at 15 was unexpected. >> she was like cool, she was on tv, and thought it was the coolest thing. >> now it's clouded with sadness her mother suggested she try to find the mother who
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gave birth to her? >> would i be threatened honestly sure, i am her mom someone else may come along and wonder if something will change. >> there always my mom and dad and that will not change. >> until recently heather was not emotionally ready but they hope that this post will help her find the piece of her missing story. >> and she did, you did it out of love for concern for her well being. >> i don't have any ill will towards this person at all. nobody knows her circumstances so it wane like she left me there hoping someone found me she made sure someone found me and i think that is awesome. >> two incredible women there today heather received an email from a woman who saw this facebook post and writing her
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that she is her mother the woman has agreed to take a dna it test, and heather is optimistic. >> if we can make that happen, i have chills thinking about this. the ceo's of whole foods admit to overcharging people in new york city, they say that employees made mistakes when weighing the products and they will improve training nationwide to make sure it doesn't happen again, this comes after new york officials undercovered a systematic overcharging at whole foods and they settled similar claims in california. it's time for accuweather and a special 4th of july weekend edition of down the shore. a yummy one too. >> yes, adam joseph is standing by live in ventnor. >> yes grilling on the beach,
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i'm not grilling on the beach the mayor of ventnor is grilling for anyone that stops by here to say hello we have hot dogs and hamburgers and some surfers enjoying the warm waters of the ocean, the beaches empty with the exception of some folks that stopped by. >> how are the burgers,? >> really good. >> he says that 85% of people are satisfied with his cooking. >> i am. >> how are you? did you bring the seagulls with you? >> i think it's the food. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan we do have a lot of clouds upstairs and it poured here the first part of the day and we are drying out a bit, a few showers in lancaster county but as we close in on double scan live radar, from surf city to dover a few sprinkles in spots the steady heavy rain that dropped an inch to half inch of rain
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down at the shore we are at 70 degrees, it's still chilly and 75 in philadelphia as well as trenton, the farther are you away from the shore where we had a pop or sun or two today it's 80 inal ep entown high pressure over the great lakes over lake superior that will give us a nice end to the week and the earlier shower in the southern locations near the shore and south of dover other wide they all push off the coast and turn partly cloudy and temperatures between 59 and 667 degrees, future tracker just a few clouds around in spots and a big improvement from today and in the afternoon at 5:00, notice a lot of cirrus clouds along the coast and sunshine to the north and west. much like today it's brighter as you are further inland but not a bad day at the shore. as we have your holiday kickoff in the city, a mixture of sun
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and clouds and a temperature of 83 degrees, at the shore tomorrow clouds and some of that sunshine will be returning at 75 so we'll have a sea broez tomorrow the poconos are mostly sunny and a beautiful day with a temperature of 74 degrees, your four day at 4:00, tomorrow sun and clouds and the cirrus crowd as long the coastline with a temperature of 83 on saturday now, a bit of a change here for the 4th of july, it's not horrible and not a washout and a lot of clouds little bit in the way of sun and afternoon showers are developing with a wave of low pressure that will move to the north at 81 degrees, most of it it on and off throughout the day, and should be good for the fireworks in philadelphia through the night and and on monday it turns warmer and more humid with a temperature of 88 degrees, i tell you when we are invited to ventnor, they do it up here, you get a lot of people to stop by even on a day like today. you have the mayor grilling here
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and you are not burning these are you? >> it's called charred. the char look. >> you have hot dogs as well. >> we have hot dogs and ham buggers, we have to keep the seagulls away. we have to get a scare gull. we'll have the seven-day forecast plus melissa magee will have more about this grilling can you do in ventnor this weekend and all the hot happenings at the shore. >> i'll tell me wife that, they are not burned. i like a little char. whatever works thank you adam. the next time you fly through philadelphia international airport, can you get a history lesson before you catch your flight today mayor michael nutter, unveiled a photo display on terminal a, all about the birth place of america, another event part of wawa welcome america celebration. still ahead a man robs a bank and takes off run but he didn't
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get far, "action news" is there as police catch up with him. plus, as we head into the holiday weekend, people are dealing with storm damage from last week, what one group is doing to give them the help they desperately need.
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>> police caught a man that robbed a bank on harrison street the man robbed the bank and got away with cash but the action cam was there as police tracked him down it a house not far away. police arrested michael white along with the stolen loot, he had four bags of her oh in. they gave us surveillance of the break-in at chin win on somerset avenue police say that the suspect grabbed as much cash
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as he could and took off running, they asked anybody that recognizes this man to please call them right away. adam and melissa live at the shore in ventnor coming up and more than a week since a severe storm swept through south jersey, and now much of the area is still a mess. plus i'm nadya han many families are spending a lot of time at people's homes this summer for play dates and vacations something to watch out for whether you are at your house or someone else's.
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"action news" continues, it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with bad news for fans of bubble wrap, the company is taking the satisfying pop out of its product. >> and an australian man drank at least 10 beers at a company party and told his boss off and then was fired. why is this news the australian government says he was unfairly sacked. >> and parents are no strange toward filling out forms for their kids, but one mother was not prepared. why the school had to ask her how her baby was born. we'll begin here at 4:30, while recovery efforts are underway nine days after severe storms swept through.
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this is what it looked like in gloucester county seeing that coming up here, after hurricane force winds battered the region and much of it still looks like that, and eva pilgram spoke with frustrated residents and officials alike today she is live in washington township. eva? >> reporter: it's been over a week since that storm rolled through washington township in south jersey i want to show you what it looks like the tree fell down, just a little more than a stump there debris along the street and piles and piles of it. another tree came flying through the roof and that is tarped to keep the rain out, things are nowhere near back to normal here and local and state leaders met to figure out how to make that happen. >> piles and piles of debris still litter many south jersey streets, branches everywhere we were fortunate nothing hit the
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house. >> it's been nine days since the storm tore through south jersey and several roads are still closed and crews are still trying to get everything back to normal and the piles of debris are not going anywhere fast. >> it could be five homes on your street maybe they will miss yours because the truck is full and they have to go back. i ask for patience they are getting around to it. >> now they are assessing the damage and hoping the state can qualify for presidential disaster relief through fema. >> we need help for a cleanup of this scale. >> many are still trying to clean up. >> don't expect that kind of severe weather around here, you get the heat and snow, nuisance stuff but not usually destruction like this. >> and cleaning your all of this mess will take time and money
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and local officials tell us it can take several months. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks very much. we have a sad update now for a story we are following since this time yesterday police in gloucester county say a 16-year-old boy is missing that went missing in a lake is now found dead. darius boyer was found today. he was found swimming with friends on the 600 block of jackson road and police say he drowned. >> it didn't take long for police to find a killer in the port richmond section today. chopper 6 hd was over edgemont street just before 2:00 this afternoon, that is where a map was taken into custody after a deadly shooting two blocks away. witnesses identified him as the gunman, they shot a man 20 minutes earlier on orthodox
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street despite officers rushing him to the hospital in their own suv, he died of multiple gunshot wounds and the suspect has not yet been charged. they will not keep secret the names of officer involved in shootings, they will evaluate each case and release names if no threats are made against the officer or their family. it's that police share basic facts within two hours of a shooting they were criticized for waiting six months to release the officers named in the fatal traffic stop shooting of brandon tate brown. here at the 1700 block driving with its bucket up accidentally came into contact with a delmarva line, it ripped it off a nearby home, causing a
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chimney to collapse. that pole then crashed on to a parked car carrier, despite all the damage, no one was injured. >> philadelphia was given a grope light for a popular vacation rental website, they pass aid set of reforms that legalize and tax air b and b, and similar house and room rental companies, it's expected to be widely used for the pope's upcoming visit and next year's democratic convention the city will tax the rentals at the same samesame 8.5% rate. >> people will be making some money in those rentals. >> time to head to the beach, i see the smoke coming up melissa. >> yes goes, it's smelling real
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good here, i'm in convenientner, the 4th of july is just two days away and everyone gets together for the backyard barbecue and the grill takes center stage even the seagulls are here whether you like it or not. we'll have grilling tips from a chef grilling tips 101 on what to do on your grill at home. check it out. lets get to cooking for the perfect summer sizzle it's back to the barbecue basics. >> the man behind the grill is chef luke pellegrino, with more than 36 years in the culinary arts, one trick starts with the flame and there are options, hardwood, charcoal or gas. and once that is settled it's time to work with what the chef says is the real state of the grill. >> the hot spot is in the center put your hand up high
4:36 pm
and here it's difference. i keep a towel here and roll it up and tie it with twine and i use that to season the grill, but the fun is in the cocking, jersey fresh corn, oysters casino and smoked barbecue ribs. >> how do you know when it's done. >> poulttory, you want to make sure it's in the center. for steaks medium rare 125 degrees medium 130 to 135 and anything beyond 150 is medium well, well these ribs are done and the happy dance. enjoy the weekend down the shore. >> wow that looks delicious. >> you guys know when i do the happy dance you know it's about good food, here is the trick to getting the grill marks on the food and don't touch it, the best part of grilling and having
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outdoor barbecues is having fun. >> don't press down. that releases the juice. >> but it gives you a flair up. >> look at the work you have to do here. >> can you grill here on the 4th of july and every week, seven days a week as long as you have a per mitd from the city good to know we'll have a lot more if you coming up. the exclusive accuweather forecast coming up in just a bit. >> we smell like burgers. >> you better teach those people the happy dance after they eat. >> we are teaching you guys the happy dance. >> not everybody gets it. >> the philadelphia zoo has quadruple the reason to celebrate, the four african lion cubs are turning 1, the youngsters enjoyed treats this morning and it continues all weekend where zoo visitors join in on special crafts and protect
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lions in the wild. and two other little guys turning 1. >> happy birthday brayden and sawyer. >> my sons. the australian government says it was the company's fault. >> plus an important safety alert for televisions that may be in your home. what you need to know to prevent the tip-over dangers. and a mom had to hand over information but that did not prepare her for one question on her school's form, what they asked about how her baby was born. and adam joseph returns with the full accuweather forecast for the upcoming holiday weekend, when "action news" continues next.
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dozens of racetracks say it's time to get rid of the confederate flag at nascar events. a dozen racetracks including the position raceway will be asked to stop displaying that flag. he does not want to see it at nascar sanctioned events. >> if you have kids in school are you no stranger to filling out forms there is one question on the kindergarten application that got one mom fired up. won mom wanted to know how her child was born she didn't need to know where they needed to know that mg. >> they are looking for any birth trauma that may have happened. but birth trauma can happen with
4:42 pm
c-section or vaginal birth. it did not click with me. >> they are fighting to have the question removed the school says they are asking for years and will look into it. >> and an australian man drank ten beers and vodka drinks at the holiday party and told off his boss and made off color remarks to female co-workers and then lost his job and a man named steven keenan may get his job back, australian commission says that he was unfairly sacked and blamed the bosses for providing the free alcohol at the party and the decision is being made if he will be reinstated at the company and the trade commission saying you foe what, he provided the booze, not his fault he drank it. never heard that one before. >> can't imagine he would be popular at the office. >> especially the girls. >> lets get a check of the
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roads, matt pellman is standing by with an update for us. you know who is popular this afternoon, our good friend, walt whitman, his bridge is very, very popular and i don't think you want to participate in the popularity. crowded eastbound heading aaway from philadelphia into gloucester city and south jersey the bit of good news is the police activity eastbound in the right lane has cleared out. so all the lanes on the bridge head nood new jersey are reopened and the traffic in them is slowly creeping along headed into south jersey, and lets look at the other bridges the other options, the ben franklin bridge looks better coming into camden a much better bet than the walt whitman, and from delaware into salem county by the delaware memorial bridge speeds in the 50s by the span of the bridge, have you to get there and brave speeds of 13 miles per hour on 95 coming away from the delaware service area coming up into wilmington.
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the walt whitman bridge delays are spilling back on to 95 and the schuylkill expressway and this is the east side of 476, with huge delays, the 22 min travel time should be 6 or 7 minutes. delays headed towards the bridge and the shore once you get to the atlantic city expressway plenty of slowing down to the garden state parkway, heading towards the poconos, it's busy on the northeast extension and the crash from landsdale to the northbound side has cleared and the ramp is completely open. we'll check it again at 5:00. >> thanks my friend very much, we hate to burst your bubble before a long holiday weekend, we have bad news, bubble wrap is losing its pop, the make of that fun wrapping paper rolling out a new paper that will not burst when you press or stomp on it
4:45 pm
why? it's about saving space and money apparently the new version called i bubble wrap comes with a sheet that blows up with a pump, it takes up 50 times less space with 100% less fun. >> 100%. >> that could occupy a kid for hours. >> big kids too. >> step outside mobile 6 heading to the shore this is a live look at 42 tapping of the brakes and it will be like that for the right of evening meteorologist, adam joseph is standing by with the forecast from the shore.
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time to you go back to the shore with meteorologist, adam joseph, you working out? >> i'm not going anywhere that is the problem. it's a cloudy day in ventnor, but what we are doing is barbecue on the beach here and a lot of clouds not much happening behind me but if i step out of this boat, we have the grill master mayor mike right now. you have a lot of people that showed up. do we have enough burgers and hot dogs today? >> yes, even extra, we have a secret stash down the roads a ways. >> you are the mayor you have the key to any building here. >> when i was a member of the fire department i had a key to any building. >> you guys having a good time? >> yea!
4:49 pm
>> a lot of clouds upstairs and rain earlier and a couple of left over showers in southern berks county and if we zoom in closer to the shore left over showers from ocean city to surf city and atlantic city, and right around oceanville but soon they will be off the coast as well. as we look at the temperatures right along the shore we are in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees, it's damp feeling down here after the half inch to inch of rain, inland it was drier today and allentown 80 and philadelphia 75 and in reading 77 degrees, satellite and radar showing high pressure over the great lakes and that heavy rain has pushed off the coast and that high will slip to the south and east tomorrow to give us one beautiful day with low humidity before the clouds roll back in for the beginning of the weekend, high pressure is over lake ontario tomorrow and you see the stalled boundary over
4:50 pm
the ohio valley tennessee valley and low pressure developing along it and for us sun and clouds and 83 and low humidity, for the fourth of july high pressure slides off newfoundland and off the jersey coast and central pennsylvania upper level energy, the strib of showers there interacting with the low and showers on the 4th and 81. friday mostly sunny and 74 degrees low humidity cloudy with showers on saturday but not a washout of 73 and better on sunday sun and clouds and a temperature of 78 and if are you heading to the shore your ocean temperatures are like bath water, low 70s right now, sun mixing with clouds and 75 and cloudy on saturday and a couple of showers around and nice with a temperature of 78 degrees, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sun mixing with cirrus clouds tomorrow and 83 on
4:51 pm
saturday, clouds and again some scattered showers throughout the day, 81 and not a washout, so just be prepared you may have to dodge rain drops on the 4th and beautiful on sunday and 86 and warmer monday 88 and same for tuesday and an afternoon scattered storm and 87 and warm and humid on thursday with a temperature of 86 degrees, we have folks that stopped by on the boardwalk you guys can come down and get some food it's free on the mayor here, you didn't try a bite yet you have to try it and bring your kids down. >> i got my son and my daughter kind of. >> daughter kind of. >> that is my son's girlfriend. >> if we have food left over we'll bring it back for you. there is a healthy crowd going we'll see you guys in the next half hour. >> it sounds like is he setting
4:52 pm
us up for disappointment. adam thanks very much. what's the deal is coming up next. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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a hazard could be in the house where you send your kids to play. the government reports that since 2000, 267 children have died just from tvs tipping over and 11000 others were injured and half were under 3 years old. one early morning sylvia's daughter crawled out of bed and into the next room and then i heard the tv coming down and i immediately picked this huge tv up and threw it. >> it was too late the toddler
4:55 pm
died. the consumer product commission warns about putting a tv on a dresser or something that a toddler can tip over. >> it's not just the older tvs that fall over and the pedestals or feet may not fit stands. this 50 inch flat screen can be fit on the console, this console is too heavy to pull over, make sure the stand or furniture is sturdy and property for the tv and set it far back on the stand, if you put a new tv on an old tv stand make sure the legs or pedestals do not an however like this one does. and if the furniture could tip over attach it to the wall. >> i know have an almost 2-year-old son who will never
4:56 pm
know who his sister is. strap your televisions down, strap your furniture down. >> furniture like bookcases and dressers can tip over without a tv on top. >> we heard a loud crash and heard him scream right away "action news" told you about the close call last summer when their son's dresser came crashing down fortunately hudson was okay. lesson learned furniture must also be anchored to the wall behind it. >> important information. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, i'm brian taff i hope you'll join me tonight at 10:00 for a full our of "action news" on phl 17. here are melissa magee and sharrie williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00 a child fell out of a second story window today in north philadelphia and was rushed to the hospital we are live with an update on the child's condition
4:57 pm
and how police say it happened. >> and a local family who tragically lost a child after birth creates a foundation to help parents that spent their days in the nick u.
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listen up... i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program.
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with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> the 4th of july travel rush is on check it out folks are headed out early to get a head start of their holiday weekend and the jersey shore is a popular travel destination for the 4th of july as we look through sky 6 hd in atlantic city, the beaches will be packed for the next three days rick is off and sharrie williams joins us and the big story is the early start to the holiday weekend. and everyone is hoping that the weather will cooperate and the rain will stay away. lets get our first look at the weekend forecast from meteorologist, cecily tynan not so nice today but hoping for better conditions come tomorrow. >> that is right a damp cloudy kickoff to the weekend but the heaviest rain rolled through earlier today and that moved off
5:00 pm
the coast and you'll notice that we still have a few lingering showers, satellite 6 along with action radar showing 8:00 this morning we did have clouds and showers mainly south of philadelphia they rolled through during the day and heavy rain across the shore causing localized flooding and some band of light showers from atlantic city down to cape may and another ban of some broken showers in the western suburbs with a lot of clouds around and with the cloud cover temperatures are on the cool side philadelphia 75 degrees and allentown 77 and wilmington 74 and millville 69 and down the shore you may want a sweatshirt, temperatures in the low 70s and upper 60s, the evening planner showing that the clouds will begin to erode through the overnight hours 7:00, 75 degrees and 8:00, 74 and 10:0073 degrees a warm and muggy night and ranki


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